With 2015 under way, I’ve been thinking a lot about setting goals and intentions for the new year. This year (and every year!) I want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. But let’s face it – just saying that this is my New Year’s Resolution isn’t enough to keep me motivated on cold winter days or when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. So, in the spirit of sticking to my goals, I’m connecting how I move to why I move. Instead of thinking about how I’m going to be active, I’m focusing on the why, letting it serve as the added motivation I need to keep moving. My why is my husband – I move for him, so that we can share a long, healthy life together!

By focusing less on the how and more on the why, you too can be more successful in maintaining your resolutions! Remembering the reasons why you move — for your family, for stress relief, for relaxation, etc — can help propel you to action (literally!). Read on to hear what keeps the Movable team moving.


 Blake, Founder and CEO
“I move to ensure my health, energy and focus is at its best so our team at Movable has what it needs. Plus, by moving more I can keep up with my four kids under 10!  My favorite way to move is playing with my kids – helping Jack at football, dancing with Sam & Valerie, and keeping up with our 2 year old Ben! My wife and I often challenge each other as well which helps keep activity at the forefront of our days.”

Christine, Customer Success
“I move because I love to cook and bake! Whether it’s making our family’s secret recipe for spaghetti sauce, or trying to recreate our favorite restaurant’s dish with my husband, I love making and trying new foods. I move so I can enjoy cooking, and stay healthy at the same time, with my family for many years to come.”


Maureen, Operations
“I love to move in lots of ways – on the treadmill, dancing, even baby aerobics! I move to stay healthy so I am able to keep up with my kids – if that’s even possible!”


Mike, Product + Strategy
“I move because I relish the feeling I have afterwards! One of my favorite ways to move is going on a brisk 30-minute jog. It’s enough time for me to get my heart racing, plus it’s a convenient way for me to catch up on some of the podcasts I listen to.”


Now that you’ve heard from us, we want to hear from you! Why do you move — what’s your motivation, and how does it help you stay committed to your intentions and goals? Share your why with us on social media (On Facebook or Twitter at @getMovband) with the hashtag #WhyIMove. Our favorite submissions will get a Winter Wristband Pack!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, inspired 2015!