Best Practices Spotlight: Motivating Your Group to Move More

This month we’re highlighting some of the unique ways our corporate customers motivate their employees to get moving. Learn about some of the most creative challenges we’ve seen and draw inspiration for your team’s next challenge! Read on to see some ways that companies get their employees moving more during the workday and beyond.

Go big or go home!
One of our favorite Buckeye State customers, United Bank Ohio, laid it all on the line to get their employees moving. United Bank followed Movable’s turnkey 12-week program, but added a fun twist with rewards: if employees met the challenge goal, their vice president, Scott Bennett, would shave his head! You better believe this incentive got the United Bank team moving! True to his word, when the group reached the goal, Scott shaved his head!

Step it up
We all know how important (and also expensive!) health insurance is. Who wouldn’t want to pay less for their healthcare? Employees at Ontario Systems, a software company based in Muncie, Indiana, had the opportunity to do just that, by stepping it up in a 10-week step challenge. Participants who successfully reached the challenge goal for 8 out of 10 weeks of the program earned contributions to their health savings accounts. An incentive like this, or a similar reduction to monthly health insurance premiums, is a great method to motivate your team. For your next challenge, take a page out of Ontario Systems’ book to increase your group’s activity.

Fun with subgroups
Brennan, Manna & Diamond added some extra action to their challenges by getting creative with their subgroups. Tapping into the highly competitive nature of the law firm’s employees, this group of lawyers teamed up to move and meet challenge goals together. In one particularly fun (and fierce!) challenge, employees were split into subgroups led by the firm’s partners, and the subgroup with the highest total miles came out on top! But the real winners here were all the employees who made a healthy lifestyle a priority.

How do YOU motivate movement? Whether you’re leading a team challenge at your company or school, or motivating yourself to hit your own goals, we want to hear your ideas! Share your tips with us using the hashtag #movemore Facebook or Twitter (don’t forget to tag us: @getmovband). If we use one of your tips, we’ll send you a FREE colored wristband of your choice!

We’re also giving you a great chance to put your tips into action with our August #MoveMore Challenge! We hope you’ll join us! (And if you’re motivated to kick off your next group challenge, drop me a line so I can help you get started!)

Thanks for moving with us,