The Power of Pop-Up Challenges

Pop-Up Challenges are a key component of Movable's programs. These mini challenges are short sprints interspersed throughout a longer challenge and serve to boost engagement and keep the focus on having FUN while moving more. Whether your Pop-Up Challenge is a single day, such as a Valentine's Day Velocity Challenge, or a week-long sprint, such as a "Sprint into Spring" Challenge, Pop-Ups are guaranteed to keep your group focused, engaged, and on track to reach their health and wellness goals!

Anatomy of a Pop-Up Challenge

Pop Up Challenges employ elements of the Fogg Behavior Model, developed by Stanford scientist and behavior change scholar BJ Fogg. According to Fogg, for a behavior to occur, three elements must converge at the same time: Motivation, Ability, and a Trigger. Let's take a look at the Behavior Model with a behavior we want to promote with Pop-Up Challenges, such as getting exercise during the busy work week.

Because of the short duration of Pop-Up Challenges, the Ability to take part in them is easy -- mini challenges don't take a big time commitment, so there are few barriers to participate. The Pop-Up Challenge also acts as the Trigger to the behavior you desire. The announcement of the challenge serves as the extra prompt your group might need. It's the call to action (literally!) to motivate the behavior - the mid-week workout - that you desire.
*Note that for sustained behavior change and habit formation, we recommend longer challenges (9+ weeks), but Pop-Ups are engaging extras to add in throughout the longer program. 

Reverse Pop-Ups

Reverse Pop-Up Challenges are like the pop quizzes we used to do in school - they're unexpected. While I always dreaded these surprise exams, they served their purpose of getting me to study and complete my assignments on time. Similarly, a Reverse Pop-Up Challenge can help hold your group accountable to their activity goals. Here's how to implement a Reverse Pop-Up:

  • At the beginning of your program, let your group know that there will periodically be Reverse Pop-Up Challenges, where you will look at the previous day's activity. Knowing these Reverse Pop-Ups are coming will keep your group accountable throughout your program!
  • Select a day, and then run a report for the prior day's moves; see who hit 12,000 moves.
  • Enter those participants in a raffle, rewarding them for successfully reaching the recommended level of activity for healthy adults!

Pop-Up Pro Tips

  • Use Mileage Rewards to recognize those who successfully reach a Pop-Up Challenge goal. Low-cost and highly visible, these are a great way to reward employees.
  • Plan a Pop-Up at a time when your employees might need a little extra motivation to move, such as when the weather is bad, or mid-week when life can get overwhelming and stressful... The Pop-Up will be the nudge they need to get out the door to move! 

  • Check out seasonal Pop-Up Challenge templates and ideas here!