5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Summer is in full swing and the Movable team is traveling far and wide, from Florida to Mt. Kilimanjaro! This time of year, we hope you have the opportunity to take a summer getaway and use some vacation days too. 

While we love our time off as much as the next person, we know vacations can make it challenging to reach your daily activity goals. Whether you’re traveling to a fun summer destination or on a work trip, we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep you moving while you’re on the go!

1. Be a Local Explorer

There’s no better way to explore a new place than on foot! Infuse activity into your visit by walking through local historic districts, jogging around famous landmarks, or renting a bike and pedaling your way to museums and restaurants. 

Need advice on where to go? If you’re traveling to a new city and don’t know the area, ask your hotel concierge for scenic (and safe!) spots to get your move on. Another source of tips for travelers is Localeikki. With crowd-sourced tips for places to move, users can find and share their favorite spots to run, walk, hike, and bike while on the road. 

2. Airport Athlete

Long layover? Airports are getting on board with wellness and offering fitness facilities for travelers. San Francisco International Airport boasts a yoga room, while the Detroit Metro Airport offers gym access at the Westin Detroit Airport Hotel, so you can work out without even leaving the terminal! For a free workout, stretch your legs and take a few laps around the terminal.

3. Healthy at the Hotel

When planning a trip for work or pleasure, make sure to inquire about hotel amenities before booking your reservation. Sometimes crazy itineraries make it impossible to move outside and explore, so try to stay at hotels that have gym facilities, so that you can hop on the treadmill or elliptical after a long day of flights or meetings. 

4. Trial Period

If your hotel doesn’t offer gym amenities, check out local gyms near where you are staying. Many national chains offer 1-week free trials (Anytime Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness do, to name a few), so take advantage of the trial period to keep your moves up while you're on the go.

5. Gym-Free Workout

No time to hit the gym? No worries – you can get your moves (and heart rate) up without ever leaving your hotel room! If you have room in your luggage, pack a jump rope to use for some quick cardio; or if you’re a chronic over-packer, try these equipment-free exercises that you can do right in your hotel room.

What are your favorite ways to stay active while traveling? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy Summer!