The Power of Group Dynamics

Great things can happen when you tap into the power of group dynamics. Discover why group activity programs help promote wellness and empower employees to reach their health goals.

Social support
It's easier to achieve your personal health goals in a supportive environment, and your workplace provides just that. In group activity programs, the social aspect is key - coworkers provide vital support and encouragement to each other in the quest for better health.

More accountable, together
Group dynamics provide accountability - you don't want to be the one who lets the group down! Studies found that people exercise more when their performance affects the group - you work out longer when your activity is tied to another person.

Part of something bigger
In a group, you're part of something larger than just you. Undertaking the goal of improving your health can seem daunting, especially on your own - but tackling a challenge as part of a team can make an intimidating goal feel more achievable.

Two is better than one!
Research shows that you can run farther when you have a partner pushing you. Studies found that participants who had social support during exercise jogged more than those who didn't - so buddy up with a coworker as you tackle your wellness goals for better results. 

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