Make a difference today

We know that moving more has a measurable impact on your health and well-being. When you promote physical activity at your company, you'll have happier, healthier employees. See how the Movable solution has made a difference in the lives of these program participants: 

"My risk factors are all lower and my energy level and work productivity have improved. Overall, my mental health is helped because moving makes me feel good. I’m sure I’m going to carry this on for the rest of my life.” – Pat, Kent, OH


"I lost 9 lbs in the challenge. It might not sound like a great deal, but for someone who has tried and tried, it was a big deal!" – Alice, Pittsburgh, PA


"The challenge got me back in the routine of daily exercise. I needed the little push and incentive to do it, and now I walk whenever I get the chance." – Susan, Bakersville, NC


“I’m back to thinking I’m in my early 40s, and I’m in my mid 50s right now. I feel younger, still not as young as I used to feel, but certainly not as old as I felt.” – Scott, Kent, OH


"I've lost 20 lbs, two pant sizes, one dress size and have started trying to eat healthier as well." – Peggy, Austin, TX