Challenge Ideas

Sizzlin' Summer Challenges for Your Group

Step up your game!

The temperature is on the rise, and your moves should be too! Beat the heat and step it up with Sizzlin’ Summer Challenges guaranteed to get your group moving!

Schools Out Sprint – June 15-July 3

The last bell has rung and school is out! Sprint into the summer season with this mini challenge to get your summer vacation off to a healthy start. Set a goal of 200,000 moves (~10,500 moves a day) during this 19-day challenge, and reward everyone who reaches the cumulative goal with a water bottle to stay hydrated all summer long.

Active America – July 4-31

Celebrate 4th of July all month long in this 4-week Active America Challenge. Move 4 miles a day through the end of July (112 miles total) and reward participants who reach the goal with fun & festive red, white, and blue colored accessory bands!

Better Your Best – August 1-28

In this challenge, it's time to set a goal and then better your best! For the first 2 weeks in August (8/1-8/14), set a minimum average daily move goal for your group (we recommend at least 8,000 moves a day). Then in the next 2 weeks (8/15-8/28), challenge your participants to step it up and go for a personal best! Improve your average daily moves from the first half of August and see how high you can go! Reward each participant who has a higher daily average in the second half of August with a "Well Day" of PTO time to enjoy the end of summer!

Labor Day Last Dash – September 1-7

Summer's almost over but there's still time for 1 final challenge! Finish out the season with a last dash to Labor Day in this 1-week challenge. Aim for 10,000 steps a day (70,000 steps total) to end the summer on a high note! Give every participant who reaches the goal an entry into a raffle to win a gift card to a local healthy restaurant.

Fit February

Pop-Up Challenges are a great way to keep your group motivated and moving. And if you’re snowed in and suffering from wintertime blues, a Pop-Up Challenge is just the thing to help you stay focused on your February fitness goals. Here are a few ideas to get your group going this month!

Valentine Velocity Challenge
Timeframe: 2 days, February 14-15
Goal: Move more than your partner!
Keep your activity goals moving forward with this Valentine’s Day weekend partner challenge. Encourage your group members to get their significant other moving with them by creating their own free Friends & Family Group (here’s how) and challenging their partner. Face off with your sweetheart and see who can earn the most moves from Saturday to Sunday. The top mover earns bragging rights!

Presidential Challenge
Timeframe: 1 week, February 16-22
Goal: More miles than your company’s leadership team!
In the Presidential Challenge, set a goal for your employees to average more miles than your company’s president and leadership! Starting on Presidents Day (February 16), set up a week-long challenge for your group and create two subgroups – one with your company’s management team, and one for employees. At the end of the week, see which team has the highest average miles. If employees come out on top, reward them with a “Fitness Friday” day (our athletic take on “Casual Friday”), an early-release day, or an hour of paid time off.

Heart-Pumping Challenge
Timeframe: 5 days, February 23-27
Goal: 50,000 steps
February is National Heart Month and what better way to celebrate than with a Heart-Pumping Challenge! Get your heart rate up with an active work week, moving 10,000 steps a day Monday through Friday. Reach the goal and you’ll be meeting the American Heart Association’s activity recommendations for a healthy heart! Reward participants who reach the 50,000 step goal with a red accessory band.


Try one of these Pop-Up Challenges with your group to keep things fun and fresh during your longer challenges, or let us know what creative Pop-Ups you’ve come up with! Thanks for all you do to get your group going!

Keep moving!

Healthy for the Holidays

This time of year always sneaks up on me – just like that, it’s December and the holidays are upon us! It’s a busy month filled with holiday parties (and tempting treats!), travel, and vacation, all of which can throw a kink in your routine and make it easy to skip workouts. Use our December Pop-Up Challenge ideas to help your group stick to your activity goals and make it a healthy holiday season!

Egg Nog? No, Egg Jog!
Timeframe: 1 day
Goal: 15,000 steps
Earn your egg nog with an extra-active day! Kick it up a notch from the recommended 10,000 steps a day and aim for 15,000 steps to indulge guilt-free in tasty treats at your company holiday party!

Seasonal Sprint
Timeframe: 5 days, December 8-12
Goal: 25 miles (5 miles/day)
‘Tis the season for health! Sprint your way through the work week with a 5 mile a day goal. You’ll enter the weekend energized, ready for holiday celebrations, and that much closer to your much-deserved vacation!

Holiday Hustle
Timeframe: 1 week, December 25-January 1
Goal: 75,000 moves (~10,700 moves/day)
From Christmas to New Year’s, take advantage of days off from work to hustle through the holidays! After you open your Christmas presents, head out for a 30-minute walk and enjoy the festive lights decorating your neighborhood. And don’t let your 2015 get off to a sluggish start – shake off your New Year’s Eve celebrations with a morning jog with Taylor Swift tunes in your headphones!

How are you hustling this holiday season? Share with us in the comments for your chance to win our Christmas Wristband Pack!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a healthy 2015!


Fun Fall Challenges for Your Group

With fall in full swing, I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves. It’s a great time to get moving outside – which means it’s also the perfect time to get a new challenge underway! We’ve got some easy-to-implement, fun fall challenges for you to kick off with your school, company, or family. Read on for challenge ideas that are guaranteed to get your group moving together!

Walktober Challenge
Challenge your team to a 3-week walking challenge with Halloween-themed Walktober! Every day, aim to move 3.6 miles to be on track to reach the 80 mile goal.

Timeframe: 3 weeks, October 10-30
Goal: 80 miles (3.8 miles/day)
Reward Ideas:

  • Halfway through the challenge, reward all participants who reach 40 miles by October 20 with an orange colored band (perfect for Halloween accessorizing!)
  • At the end of your challenge, reward everyone who reach 80 miles by October 30 with paid time off or a half-day on Friday, October 31 so that your team can get home early for Halloween trick-or-treaters!

Fun Twist: Encourage your team to frequently sync their Movbands with a First-to-Sync Reward! Pick a day at random and reward the first person to sync their Movband with a Fall Wristband Pack!

Fitness Friday Challenge
Host a series of Pop-Up Challenges in October and November to keep you moving throughout the fall season! Every Friday, challenge your team to kick it up a notch with a Fitness Friday challenge based on moves.

Timeframe: 9 weeks – every Friday in October and November
Goal: Set the goal for your first Fitness Friday Challenge at 7,000 moves/day. Increase your moves by ~10% each week to get up to a goal of over 15,000 moves on November 28 (the day after Thanksgiving) to motivate your participants following Thanksgiving indulgences!
October 3 – 7,000 moves
October 10 – 7,700 moves
October 17 – 8,500 moves
October 24 – 9,400 moves
October 31 – 10,300 moves
November 7 – 11,300 moves
November 14 – 12,500 moves
November 21 – 14,000 moves
November 28 – 15,400 moves
Reward Ideas: Raffle off a $10 gift card each week (Starbucks gift cards are a great prize, especially for all those (skim) Pumpkin Spice Lattes we’re drinking this fall!). Enter everyone who reaches the Friday moves goal into a raffle for the weekly gift card prize!
Fun Twist: For a fun take on casual Friday, encourage your team to wear their favorite fitness gear to work for Fitness Friday. With everyone decked out in running shoes and yoga pants, take a lunchtime walk together as a team!

Turkey Trotting Team Challenge
Trot your way through November and begin the holiday season in good health with this engaging team challenge. Split your employees into teams of equal sizes and face off in a fun team competition!  (If you’re a small group, pair up participants in teams of 2; for bigger organizations, teams of 10-15 people work best). Motivate your team to make it an active weekend by rewarding the top team every Monday!

Timeframe: 1 month, November 1-30
Goal:  300,000 moves (10,000 moves/day)
Reward Ideas:

  • Every Monday (November 10, 17, 24, and December 1), reward the team with the highest total moves from the past 7 days. Reward every member of last week’s top team with a gift card to your local grocery store – these incentives will be in high demand ahead of Thanksgiving Dinner shopping!

Fun Twist: A great way to increase those weekend moves is with a walk or run! Encourage employees to sign up for your local Turkey Trot 5k race and participate together alongside coworkers. If your budget allows, subsidize the race entry fee for your employees to promote participation at what’s sure to be a fun team-building event!

We hope you love our fall challenges! Need help getting one set up? Contact your Movable Program Manager or Relationship Manager or email and we’ll be happy to get you moving!

Have a happy, healthy fall!