Movable's Athletic August Challenge

Another month, another challenge! In August, we're challenging you to average 10,000 steps/day all month long. The name of the game is consistency - to win this month, you'll need to stay active each and every day.

On five random days in August, we'll take a look at your activity from the previous day - if you'd hit 10,000 steps and met the goal the day before (and synced your device!), you'll be entered in the raffle to win a $25 gift card to Whole Foods! We won't be announcing the days in advance, but we *might* be giving hints on social media - so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to increase your chances of winning.

Timeframe: Wednesday, August 5 - Monday, August 31
Goal: 10,000 steps/day
Rewards: 5 lucky participants will win a $25 gift card to Whole Foods

Make sure to sync your device regularly throughout August to be eligible to win.

About Movable's Challenges

Each month we sponsor new challenges that anyone with a Movband or compatible 3rd party device can participate in! We hope you'll join us to stay motivated and have the chance to win fun prizes! 

How do I join?
Everyone in the "Movable's National Challenge" group can participate just by syncing your device regularly! If you are not already part of the group, just click on the "Join a Group" link in the bottom right corner of the Activity Dashboard. Type in the invite code NEWYOU and click "Join" - it's that easy! You can confirm that you successfully joined the group by visiting the "My Groups" tab and selecting "Movable's National Challenge" from the drop down menu.